Wonder*full Links

First of all, I’m going to mention the blog that I keep up regularly: Dancing in the Sky is a personal journal, a record of my adventures as a Shamanic Priestess.

For a time, I also had a blog called From the Wetware. I channeled Information directly onto it. It’s no longer active, but it’s still floating in cyberspace as a record of the transitional times that have led us to the Interesting Times we’re navigating through today. That type of post can now be found on the main page of this website.

There are several peeps and places that mean a lot to me, so I’m going to mention them here…

The Goddess Temple of Orange County is a Real, Honest, Functioning Temple that is devoted to the Divine Feminine. It is Way Awesome! 🙂

The Big Glow community has been a huge source of Unconditional Support for me, especially during some of the most intense parts of my journey. Check out the nice sanctuary that has evolved on Facebook. 🙂

The Goddess Studio (in San Diego County) is home to one of my favorite sisters, the Divine Creatrix Amalya. I have co-created ceremony with her and partaken in her Priestess Training Program. She also designed the cover for my CD. Do check her out. 🙂

These sites I’ve been known to frolic in… 😉

  • She Writes is a fantastic place for women writers to network and share their literary dreams and talents.
  • Temple Illuminatus is a Metaphysician’s Paradise. If there’s an esoteric topic you’re interested in, chances are someone else there is interested too. Drop by for a spell…

Other highly recommended sisters’ websites…

  • Planet SARK – the home site of the most inspirational author Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy.
  • Leonie Dawson – the site of a most color*full artistic and business Goddess Incarnate!
  • Maitri’s Heart – the space of one Maitri Libellule, a most compassionate Bodhisattva
  • Juicy Enlightenment – the life work of the most succulent Monique Darling. FYI, she introduced me to the man who became my husband. No Lie!

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