My Services & Goodies

Services I Provide:

  • Intuitive Readings: Most of the time I use one of two Oracle decks, either Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance or Sonia Choquette’s Ask Your Guides. Occasionally I’ve also been known to break out the pendulum for a more direct Q & A session. I can read for/with you in person, over the phone, or via Skype. A transcript of the session will be sent to you within 24 hours of the reading.
  • Previous-Life Tracking: I can uncover hidden origins of current challenges through looking at previous lives and sharing the stories that I find. Often, knowing the true root of an issue allows for that issue to clear up on its own.

These are the principal crystals that assist me in Energy Work

  • Energy Work: I use a combination of vocal toning, Reiki-style touch, and various combinations of crystals placed upon your body to release old and stuck energetic patterns and make way for new ones. Occasionally I am also advised to share the stories that I discover during the session. I am available for in-person Work in the Southern California area, and/or distance healing with anyone around the world, at an agreed-upon date and time.
  • Home Clearings/Energetic Realignments: The same Work I can do for your body I can also do for your home, through the use of vocal toning, strategic crystal arrangement, and Feng Shui techniques. When the home’s energy is clear, its inhabitants find themselves clear as well.
  • Ceremonies & Rituals: From birth until death, there are places and times for ceremony in your life. I can co-create with you rituals for your own personal use, along with ceremonies to mark special times in your life and/or to release old energies while inviting in new energies.

Rates: the Intuitive Readings and Previous-Life Tracking are on a donation basis. For personal/domestic Energy Work and Ceremonies, my suggested rate is $20/hour. I am completely open to bartering and energetic exchanges, and have done so quite often! Contact me and we’ll see what we can agree upon! Click here to make a donation.

Goodies Available for Purchase: ($10.00 + $5.00 for postage)

Phoenix~Song: This is an audio CD of channeled song; only one track has words in English! Now you can buy it directly from this site!

“Number-One Good” Juju Bundles: *NEW!* Each bundle contains a specific combination of stones, herbs, and other objects to promote and enhance certain qualities…black=grounding/protection/security; blue= compassion/forgiveness/peace; green=abundance/good fortune/prosperity; purple= courage/faith/intuition; red=love/passion/sensuality; yellow=balance/health/vitality.

Customized Juju Bundles are still available! I take your birthstones in the Western and Eastern astrological systems and combine them with other stones that will resonate with you. Occasionally there will be herbs or other mysterious objects included, in a suitably colored pouch. I request your date of birth to ensure optimum numerological harmony, then I destroy the information. Each bundle also includes some fun facts about your dual signs and your birthdate!

*Coming Later This Year* I’m about two-thirds of the way through a draft of my metaphysical book. It will be available as a trio of downloads and as an actual (paperback) book. Pricing information TBA!

Click here to make a purchase! (Note: If you could kindly specify what you’re purchasing, I shall be most appreciative!)


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