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This time, the topic will be a personal one, as I share what has been going on in my life recently.

For many years, I actively engaged in self-realization Work. I peeled away layers, dissolved Shadows, uncovered and honed various gifts, and moved through a lot of baggage, on all levels. I then arrived at a point where I didn’t have to initiate the Work that was done; rather, the Work began unfolding on its own, and Work was done unto and through me.

The pace for this picked up significantly on 11/11/11. I entered what I call the Eye of the Needle initiation process, which lasted a bit more than seven months, finishing up (I believe!) just before the Summer Solstice. During this process, every single last bit of stuck ego was stripped from me. I shed a slew of skins and moved entire mountain ranges within myself. I did a lot of flailing and wailing, sobbing and stomping. There were times when I was a Very Hot Mess – and it was a miracle that I remained reasonably coherent!

I had to undergo this initiatory experience because this was the path I had chosen in my life…to be a Priestess in the world, to have the experiences that would allow me to understand what others were going through, and to behold the way back to an new and better reality. Yes, I had a breakdown – which lead directly to my Break*Through.

On the other side of this experience I found something I was looking for for a very long time: Love. I have found someone who not only loves me, but wants to grow in love with me. I am very excited by the possibilities inherent in this new co-creation; more than that, though, I am finally content to just Let It Be, and allow everything to unfold in the Fullness of Time…though the waiting won’t be as long these days!

No, I have not abandoned being a Shamanic Priestess in the world. Yes, I am taking a bit of a breather and surrendering all need for deadlines and due dates. I won’t be wandering too far off my path, though – I just renewed this website for another year, in fact – and I will be back engaging in dynamic creation soon enough…with Divine Perfect Timing. πŸ™‚


3 Responses to Tasty Topics

  1. skydancer42 says:

    Previously: notes about the Great Healingway of 9/11/11…
    Prior to going to Awakenings, I took the stones that I had gathered and prayed over to the Goddess Temple of Orange County for their final charging. Kuan Yin’s altar seemed entirely appropriate for the work that was to be done on this day.

    Post-service, I made my way to Awakenings to prepare for the ceremony.

    On the one hand, I had a bag with the bits of Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Clear Quartz Crystal. I brought a large Rose Quartz anchor to help anchor the energies. “Volunteer rocks” came with me as well, ready to absorb whatever negative energies come up for releasing!

    The ceremony unfolded beautifully. First, I had “in person” attendees! (yay!) Second, they each picked a rock to release their fears and/or grudges into. Then, after a short, interactive satsang, I spontaneously channeled a meditation to guide them through. To anchor the mini-journey, they each received a set of my “power stones,” one each of the amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz.

    I was originally planning on taking the “volunteer rocks” to the ocean with me, but the Universe had other ideas…

    I wound up taking them with me to Northern California (the site of the latest Big Glow retreat), and releasing them into a creek. Flowing water I needed, and flowing water I found. It turned out to be entirely appropriate to finish the Healingway during the convergence of energies at the Equinox, just before the New Moon!

    After all was said and done, these stones were ready to be sent to the “telepathic attendants” of the Healingway. (They were brave enough to send me fears/grudges ready to be released, so they’re receiving a giftie in return.) πŸ™‚

    Most fascinating, all that has unfolded since the Healingway! I daresay the “Arab Spring” has led to an American Autumn! Although I won’t take credit for everything that has emerged, and is still emerging, it’s interesting what arises in the Collective Consciousness after you crack the door open, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

  2. skydancer42 says:

    Previously: Three Golden Opportunities for everyone to consider as we move through these turbulent times. You might have seen ’em on Facebook previously; I though I’d also post ’em here. Enjoy. πŸ™‚

    “From Great Chaos Arises Great Opportunity.” (I Ching Hexagram #3)

    The world seems more chaotic today than ever before. Considering that we are at a significant crossroads in our evolution as a species, and all structures built upon Fear-Based Illusions are being torn down – yes, it’s going to look very messy and sticky and nasty. We are, however, on the brink of co-creating something new and magnificent and marvelous – strong yet supple in Love-Based Truth. Here are the three opportunities I am seeing in this Transitional Time…

    ~Re-Focus: Mind the axiom, “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.” Where are you putting your attention? In the Fear and Chaos, OR in the Love and Potential? Figure out WHAT you want, and focus your attention on it. The Transition will flow more easily and effortlessly if we focus on the Love instead of the Fear. Think about it.

    ~Re-Birth: To those who are not employed, or under-employed, Wonderful! Congratulations! You are now FREE to find your passions, rekindle them, and turn them into something that satisfies your soul and your wallet! Just today, I read an article about a woman who has opened a Tea Room in my home town after being laid off from her long-time job. What are you free to co-create with the Universe Right Now?

    ~Return: Many are pointing to the “root cause” of this malfunction or that roadblock, but there is a root beneath all of these other roots – Denying the Feminine. We are in a Reality of Paired Opposites, yet for several millennia, the Masculine has been trying to forge ahead without anything to balance it. If we are truly to survive and THRIVE as a species, it’s time to drop Competition for Cooperation, move from Power-Over to Power-Sharing, and play by the Original Rules of the Game…take only what you truly need, share your bounty with your siblings, and realize that no strand of the Web of Life is better than or superior to any other strand. Let us Return to the Queen Mother and remember how to LIVE as human BE-ings.

    The Time Is Now ~ Choose Wisely.

  3. skydancer42 says:

    Now, for the topic of interest…Activation!

    Beginning this past Sunday (3/11), and continuing until 4/11, we are at a critical point in the Collective Ascension process. The Equinoxes have always provided a massive ramping up of energies that can either give you a great shot of momentum to propel you forward, or a great jolt of energy that zaps you fully Awake and shakes up everything in your life – and sometimes both at once! (Spring) Equinox 2012 is promising to deliver one Mother of an energetic wave, so make sure your surfboards are ready to ride it! If you don’t believe me, just think back one week, when we were hit with the “Triple Whammy” of the Full Moon, a Solar Flare, and Mercury Retrograde, all combining energies over a 48-hour period. I’m still amazed anyone is still coherent after THAT one!

    So, make Absolutely Sure that you know what you really want in this moment of time, because what you focus on is going to manifest Sooner, instead of Later! Energy flows where Attention goes, says the axiom. If your attention is on Lack and Despair, you will receive more of the same. If your attention is on Abundance and Hope, you will receive more of the same. If your attention is on pink polka-dotted cows, you’ll see more of the same in the department stores, in TV ads, and on Facebook. You get the idea… πŸ˜‰

    At the last Meetup gathering I co-created with the lovely Amalya this past Sunday, I invited the participants to take home a crystal and imbue it with the energies and desires they wished to bring forth at this time. I provided them with the following tips, which I’ll share with y’all, if you want to do something similar:

    Be Selfish. This is YOU we’re talking about. Ask for that one thing you really want, that which will help you move on and grow in this time.
    Be Specific. Don’t just say you’d like more prosperity in your life. Say, “I have $10,000 in my bank account, NOW!”
    Be Succinct. Can you describe your deep desire in one sentence? Pare it down until you can!
    Be Positive. If you say something like, “I have no drama in my life,” the Universe is going to skip over that “NO” and you’ll probably experience an increase in drama. Try, “I’m living a drama-free life.” Can you Feel the Difference? πŸ™‚

    Finally, if you’re looking for something to participate in to assist with Collective Activation, have I got an opportunity for you! Another Awesome Priestess, Lady Yeshe Rabbit, has started a project called Mother of the New Time. This steps outside of the oh-so-popular “doom and gloom” rhetoric that’s being bandied about right now and focuses instead on “boom and bloom” (to borrow a sister’s phrase)! I invite you to click on the link above, read the Information there, and if it feels right, join in the Transformation! I resonate with this SO much, I’ve added links to this site on my two blogs! Let us BE the change we want to SEE in the world, to quote the great Gandhi! πŸ™‚

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